17 Oct

Montage Bat Mitzvah: Rachel’s Bakery

In Arabic “bar” translates to boy and “bat” to girl in English. The actual translation for “bar mitzvah” is “son of the commandment.” For Jewish boys and girls it is now a modern tradition to hold a celebration for their coming of age in Judaism. For young girls this age is truly 12, however, generally they have their ceremonies and celebrations just as boys do at the age of 13. For young Rachel this was a celebration to remember. Her parents themed the party around her future dream career of becoming a baker.

The evening was spectacular as 112 teenagers danced the night away to celebrate Rachel’s coming of age. Kahn’s Catering enjoyed serving the food and beverage as well as executing all venue coordination for this event. The theatrical and amazing decor was well presented by Jamee Bryant at Setting the Mood.

Keep the party going through more photos in our gallery.

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