16 Dec

Montage Wedding: Vanessa & Collin

Kahn's Catering at the Montage for a holiday weddingKahn's Catering at the MOntage for a holiday weddingKahn's Catering at the Montage for a holiday wedding

This holiday wedding at our exclusive venue the Montage is a must read as Vanessa takes us through a details look of her love story and wedding.

From the Bride…

I met Colin when I was only 19. He was 24. I went up to Ball State to move in with my sister until school started again. She lived in a house right on campus with her best girlfriend and two of their closest guy friends, one of which I would one day marry. Colin tells people how I was living in his house yet could never remember his name. Honestly, I didn’t even give him the time of day until he made me laugh. Then, everything changed.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the girliest girl. I hate anything that is boyish and love anything that smells good, sparkles, shiny, or brightly colored. I love dresses, heels, make up, and JEWELRY! After dating Colin for a few months, everyone was surprised at my behavior. Suddenly, I was into football. I enjoyed playing the nerdiest card game on earth, called “Magic The Gathering”. I also started eating Taco Bell and developed a taste for beer. All of these things happened because I fell in love with the biggest guy’s guy on Earth. Together we are perfect. He is my complete opposite. While I am neurotic, anxious, girly, and extremely fast at everything I do, Colin is calm, peaceful, masculine, and takes his time at everything he does. We fell in love very quickly, but after seven years the honeymoon stage never ended. And now here I sit writing this on our actual honeymoon.

Colin’s proposal will go down in history as the sweetest proposal ever, and yes I’m a little biased. I woke up December 22, 2012 to finish Christmas shopping with Colin. We were in the midst of renovating the house Colin had bought me and were planning on stopping by later in the day to show his parents the improvements. Stubborn me, I woke up huffing and puffing that we had far too much to do and should go to the house before shopping not after. Colin seemed very against this and for a laid back guy this was surprising. Finally, I convinced him and off to the house we went. The whole car ride he did not speak, I thought perhaps he was mad at me. When we got to the house I was feeling annoyed because after thinking about it, he had absolutely no reason to be mad at me! So I walk in and stand in the family room looking out the window, because now I am upset. I hear behind me a crinkling noise and spun around to see my future husband on his knees holding a bouquet of red roses and the most beautiful princess cut diamond ring I have ever seen. He was literally shaking he was so nervous and tears sprung to my eyes immediately. After many kisses and hugs and repeating “yes” over and over, the doors open and in floods all of his family and my family, even the ones from out of state! They brought with them wine and appetizers and we all sat in my freezing house that was a mess undergoing renovations!

I was engaged December 22, I picked out my wedding dress December 26, and I booked the Montage December 27. I moved quickly, but I have always been a girl who knows what she wants. The Montage was chosen because I loved that everything could take place in one location. I loved the ceremony room where the windows, doors, ceiling, and walls were all glass overlooking a large patio and lake. It was pure perfection. And when I found out the patio would be lit up for my Christmas themed wedding I knew I had to have it. Then, there’s a second room for cocktails and appetizers. Again, I loved having another space as opposed to making my guests navigate around town all night to different locations. Lastly, there was the huge reception room. After completely decorating it to be my Christmas wonderland I knew I had made the right decision.

The food at Montage [Kahn’s Catering] was amazing! I love to cook. It is my biggest hobby, thus I am a very picky critic when it comes to food, because I know it so well. The Montage worked with me very well to make sure I found food I felt proud and comfortable feeding my guests. The appetizers were probably my favorite of all.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. In our house, Colin and I never want to take down the Christmas décor, trees, and lights. We love the ambiance and warm feeling that these decorative items can make you feel. Dimming all the lights in the house except the Christmas lights is just one of the most cozy and romantic feelings on earth. So, when it came time to plan my wedding, I knew I wanted a Christmas themed wedding. Also, I knew I wanted my bridesmaids in red because not only does everyone look beautiful in red, it went with the theme as well. We had the napkins in the reception folded into artichokes and placed a gift ornament for each guest. Red bows were tied on each of the white covered chairs to look like giant Christmas presents. Everything was gorgeous. It helped that my mom and mother in law were both decorators. We did everything ourselves. I was so proud of my wedding, the venue I chose, the food that was served, and of course my winter wonderland/Christmas theme. I will remember it always as the best day of my life thus far.

Our house is finally renovated and we are all moved in. Colin and I are looking forward to our future together. The last seven years of being together have flown by. I can hardly believe that I got to marry my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, my happily ever after. And on top of it all I had the best fairy tale wedding. Colin and I cannot wait to start working on having a family as well! He is especially excited to practice J. Thank you for hearing our little fairy tale and I hope it helps you out when making a decision on where and how to create your happily ever after.


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