25 Apr

Special Event: AYS Retirement

Retirement parties are a bitter sweet celebration. They are a time of saying good-bye to wonderful people and for the retiring employee it’s a time for something new to come. This year AYS celebrated the service of Ellen at the Montage. Ellen founded the organization and worked for many years to bring it to what it is today. After her hard work and dedication to AYS, Ellen passes the baton to the next group of individuals to lead AYS to a continued great future.

April organized the event for Ellen and left us with some wonderful comments. “We had a wonderful time last night.  Your staff were absolutely excellent!  They really serve us well in a very professional manner.  I am sure you are going to get other events at your venue as a result from last night.  Everyone commented on the food – the taste and the presentation.  The guests were very impressed.  As far as our guest of honor, she was elated and mentioned that it was more than she ever expected.  She and a few others were the very last to leave.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

We enjoyed helping AYS plan and execute this beautiful event for Ellen and hope all the best for her future.

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