28 Nov

Montage Wedding: Ashley & Mark

The Montage had it’s first military wedding hosted with Ashley and Mark at the center of attention. It was absolutely beautiful and wonderful to see our service men and women represented in this joyous marriage ceremony. With the beautiful season of fall in the air and the nature colors of red and orange of this gorgeous season, Ashley made sure to have her flowers, table decor and the whole space feel warm and welcoming for their guests. It was the pleasure of Kahn’s Catering to host this stunning couple and their party at the Montage as well as provide the food and beverage for their celebration.

From the Bride…

“Our love story began a little over 11 years ago; we met in the 7th grade on the school bus. I used to sit behind him and annoy him every day. We went to high school together and were very good friends; we flirted and both entertained the notion of the other, but the time was not quite right. The summer between our freshman and sophomore years of college, his father cut down a large line of pine trees at the back of his backyard. Little did we know, that line of pine trees separated my backyard from him. We spotted each other outside shortly thereafter, and it all fell into place. He proposed to me after 2 years of dating and 10 years of friendship; he took me to a park during a meteor shower. He actually drove my car out into a huge field, where we laid on blankets and made wishes on beautiful shooting stars. He made one last wish, and that was asking me to be his wife. Our wedding came to life after many hard months of planning and hardship. My husband, Mark, was away at basic for the last four months leading up to our wedding. We did as much planning together as we could before he left, and then the rest was up to me. We went weeks without speaking to each other, and only had letters to hold us together. We both made it through, and I could not be prouder of my soldier.

Our wedding came together more beautifully than I could have imagined it; everything was perfect because I was getting married to my best friend. Even the things that did go wrong were funny or trivial in the scheme of the day, like not being able to find my dad until the very second before we walked down the aisle or my husband’s hands being so swollen that I had to shove the ring onto his finger! Everyone tells you that your wedding day is a blur, and that could not be truer. I was nervous and excited, but mostly I just felt stunned; it was so surreal that I was getting married. I spent so many months planning and making bouquets and shopping for leaves and counting down to this day that it was unreal that it had finally arrived. When I was walking down the aisle, all I could think was don’t cry and walk slow! There were over 100 people in that room, but I could only see one.

We’ll be waiting a few years to have kids, as we are both are still in school and heading on to graduate school. My husband is in the long, arduous process of becoming an Army Chaplain, and once that happens, who knows where the army will take us! But wherever it is, it’ll be home as long as we are together.”

What a beautiful love story and wedding adventure for this bride. We are so glad that we could have been apart and hope the best for this couple as they continue to serve our country as a military family. These memories of the wedding and reception will never be forgotten thanks to Audrey Wolf Photography, check out the gallery for inspiration with your wedding.


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