29 Oct

Montage Wedding: Jaime & Lou

This small wedding was absolutely tasteful and captured the intimate space of the Riesling Room at the Montage. Jaime and Lou had an outdoor ceremony in our gorgeous ceremony gardens and made their way towards their beautifully fall inspired reception inside. With orange, cream, yellow, and red flowers filling the room the space was completely set for the fall wedding celebration.

From the Bride…

“Lou and I originally met way back in 1985.  We both worked for the same bank, and I was needing a construction loan for a house I was building. He was married, I was married….end of story.  BUT…then about 7 years ago, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine (Denise)  who was divorced and she was telling me that she had gone out with Lou Hensley (he had since been divorced). Then, in 2010 I was divorced and that same girlfriend, Denise, called me and told me that she thought Lou and I would like each other and could she give him my phone number,  I said sure. Then a month later, I was at a friends wedding reception, and ironically Lou was there.  We kind of made eye contact, but I kept my distance since he had indicated that he wasn’t interested in going out with me.  Well, the next day, my girlfriend Denise called me to tell me that Lou had called her to ask for my phone number. That was July 3rd, 2010 (the day he called), and our first date was July 5th.  I fell hard and fast!  I fell in love with his huge heart, and he is such a great father, and a perfect gentleman!

He gave me my ring on Valentine’s Day 2013 – we had gone out to dinner at a restaurant where my youngest daughter works.  He snuck the ring to her, and she brought out champagne with my ring in the bottom of my glass.

Planning was so fun.  At the same time I was planning this wedding, we had bought a condo in Florida so I was also remodeling it at the same time.  Busy!!  And I did have a DJ issue at the last minute – had to find a new one about a month before. Sunny Moon Entertainment saved my life and was able to provide someone at the last minute.  They were great!

The day of the wedding was perfect!  No nerves, just excitement! The weather was perfect.   My oldest daughter flew in from Austin, Texas and my other two daughters were there as well.  They all gave me away (since my dad had just passed away).  We had a few glitches….but worked thru them.  Like the flower centerpieces were too big for the tables, so Jenny [our event manager] switched out the tables at the last minute.  The florist didn’t send my maid of honor’s bouquet, and I didn’t realize it until right before we were to walk out!  Jenny grabbed some flowers from the gift table and placed them in my maid of honors hand!  So funny…and it all worked out!  My only thought walking down the isle was to concentrate on Lou.  I don’t think I ever took my eyes off of him the entire way down.  Our ceremony and reception were so much fun.  I was so happy that everyone had such a good time.   Everyone raved over the food!  I just wish I had eaten some!

Now, back to reality.  Our kids are grown, so we are looking forward to having fun traveling and being with friends and family!”

Photos of this breathtaking wedding reception can be found here in our gallery.

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