23 Oct

Montage Wedding: Amy & Chad

As the leaves begin to change, the weather becomes chilly, and the smell of autumn bonfires fill the air fall weddings take the scene. Chad and Amy began our fall wedding season here at The Montage. A gorgeous array of autumn colors with circus roses and orange lilies fill the space with an inviting intimate mood. With each little detail perfectly arranged by Royal Creations there was not a forgotten nook or cranny in this spectacularly designed wedding venue.

From the Bride…

“Chad and I met on an dating website over 2 years ago.  I had actually turned off my subscription to the site when he emailed me.  So, I renewed it so I could talk to him and maybe meet him.  His profile was sincere and he seemed like a nice guy.  Most importantly, he wanted a family.  We emailed each other for a few weeks.  His emails were rather long, but I looked forward to reading them.  We got to know each other better during that time.  When we met for the first time, we talked for about 4 hours.  We started dating, and I guess the rest is history!  Chad and I are in our thirties, and neither of us have been married.  We both wanted to do it right the first (and only) time.  We were serious about a relationship and marriage.

The proposal was a surprise. Chad came over for a dinner.  It was regular, normal, boring Saturday night.  After dinner, Chad said he had another birthday present for me since the other gift he got for me hadn’t arrived in the mail yet.  So, I opened a box which contained a digital picture frame.  I thought it was a great gift, something I didn’t have.  He told me to plug it in and turn it on.  He already had pictures of us on it.  He also put pictures of places we had been, like the restaurant where our first date was, places we had traveled to, etc.  Then the last picture was a picture of the ring.  He had put rose petals around it and took a picture.  I looked at the picture and looked at him and back at the picture. Chad had the ring in his pocket and got on his knee and proposed!  It was a very thoughtful and creative proposal!

Then the wedding planning started.  I am a teacher, so there are a few times of the year when I could conveniently get married.  Since Chad proposed at the end of September 2012, we decided to get married over my fall break in 2013.  The Montage had the date I wanted available, and the kind of venue I wanted.  I booked an appointment with Freddie, to take a tour, and I think I booked it an hour later!   Once I had the venue booked, everything else fell into place.

As most brides do these days, I jumped on Pinterest and The Knot.com and bought bridal magazines.  I was on wedding overload at that point!  Everything started looking the same.  I didn’t want a trendy wedding.  I had always envisioned an elegant, simple wedding.  I wanted the food and decorations to memorable.  I wanted my guests to stay awhile and enjoy the views and their company.  I wanted things to flow together, but not be matchy-matchy.  My wedding invitations were also simple and traditional.  I wanted to look back at our wedding pictures and think what a beautiful day.

We attended the annual tasting at The Montage in March, so we had a great idea as to what delicious food Kahn’s Catering has to offer.  The cake was unbelievable!  Choosing the food was easy and fun.  We chose food an appetizers that we like, but also things that we thought our guests would like to eat.  Freddie (event manager) helped us choose a menu that would look good on the plates as well as taste good together.  She knows what she is doing!

While there was a lot of stress leading up to the wedding, the day before and the day of the wedding I was very calm and relaxed.  I was ready to get married.  Most of my friends and family were surprised at how calm I was! No major disasters or issues on our wedding day.  We were very lucky!

My wedding was one of the happiest days of my life.  All of the people we love were together for us.  Since my family is scattered, we don’t get together very often.  It was such a good feeling to have everyone together.  I could feel the love in the room.  And that’s what marriage and life is about, being with family and loved ones.

We honeymooned for a few days in Charleston, South Carolina.  We look forward to having children, but for now we have two cats and a dog.”


This was a beautiful story provided to us by Amy and we look forward to for more to come from Kahn’s Catering brides and grooms.

Enjoy more photos of this absolutely breathtaking fall wedding in our gallery.

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