Montage’s infrastructure and depth of talent is unparalleled in Indiana. We pride ourselves in the well-organized and coordinated efforts of our staff – we raise the standard when it comes to service.

Culinary Team
Managing their culinary staff, our chefs finely craft meals using unique and high-end ingredients and experience gathered from across the United States. All of our stocks, sauces and dressing are made from scratch. The dishes are fashioned to be as beautiful as they are tasty and the courses are carefully paired for perfection. Kahn’s Catering chefs take pride in our reputation for having the most delicious food. Premium selections, perfectly presented. 


Nardo Garcia
Executive Chef


Sam Merenda
Executive Chef


Ben Seigel
Executive Sous Chef

Event Specialists
At Montage, the service starts well before the meal is ever prepared. We are fortunate to have on staff some of the most sought after event professionals in the city. Recognizing that each client is unique, our Event Specialists work closely and tirelessly to achieve each client’s vision. Because their many years of experience include roles such as Catering Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Event Planner, Event Designer, Personal Chef and Instructor, this experienced team of professionals has the unique advantage of viewing an event from all angles ensuring a smooth and organized event. If you are planning a personal or business event, feel free to give them a call and trust your event to the experts.


Joe Husar



Jenny Oden
Senior Event Specialist



Freddie Klagstad
Event Specialist



Steven Conners
Event Specialist


It takes expertise, dedication and a lot of hard work to turn vision into reality, and it is the Operations team that has the unparalleled depth and proficiency to do just that for all our events as well as the daily running of our Kahn’s Catering museum cafés. From the top on down, the operations team addresses everything from the big picture to the smallest detail.


Brian Poonpanij
Vice President of Food & Beverage



Adrienne Brandon
Scheduling & Operations Manager



Tim Brandon
Setup Manager