We’ve always been committed to fine catering. And today more than ever, we’re also dedicated to sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices. Like you, we are committed to making the changes necessary to minimize our impact on the environment.

Our goal is to continue to implement programs that will help ensure we are conserving resources, properly managing our waste and purchasing environmentally-friendly products when available.  We undertake this commitment while steadfastly maintaining the same level of quality that you have come to expect of Kahn’s Catering.

What we are doing:

Through smart menu creation, we are eliminating the need for single-use disposable products.

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and metal at our locations that support recycling.

We have converted to 100% recycled cocktail napkins, hand towels and bathroom tissue. Our disposable dinner napkins and grab-and-go food container bases are

100% tree-free, made from bagasse, a by-product of cane sugar production. We use unbleached products when available.

We are nearing our goal of using 100% plant-based, fiber or compostable plastic products for all customer single-use purposes. (This includes all disposable cups, to-go containers, straws, stirrers, picks and utensils)

We are eliminating toxic chemicals and selecting more natural alternatives when available.

We recycle batteries, ink/toner, e-waste and packaging materials in our central kitchen and offices.

Our cooking oil is recovered and recycled for use in biofuel and other non-food uses.

Our own venue, the Montage, uses high efficiency LED lighting.