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We understand that planning a meeting or event can be a challenging endeavor. To better assist you during the planning process, we’ve provided answers to many common questions. Of course, we’re always happy to answer your questions directly. Just contact us.

Can you recommend a DJ, florist or photographer to help with my event?
We have a number of professionals that share our dedication to excellence. You can click here for a list of our preferred vendors.

What is a food and beverage minimum?
Separate from a room rental fee, venue spaces have a minimum amount in food and beverage that you are required to meet. Only food and beverage are considered when reaching this dollar amount.

What is the deposit to book an event?
All weddings, regardless of time of day or space, require a $2500.00 deposit. Daytime events require a $1000.00 deposit and evening events have a $2500.00 deposit.

How far ahead should I be looking for a venue for my wedding reception?
If you are looking for prime wedding dates, June through October, you should be looking 12 to 18 months prior to your date.

Are prices different if I select a Friday or Sunday for my wedding?
Yes. All room rental rates and food and beverage minimums are less on Friday and Sundays.

What is the service charge?
Service charge is the labor charge on all purchased items, room rental and equipment rental and includes event planning, set up, meal service, clean-up labor and gratuity.

How do I request information about Montage?
Kahn’s Catering proudly owns and operates Montage. Our headquarters is located at the venue and is here to assist you in learning more about Montage and our catering service. You can call our office at 317.494.7654 or fill out our online contact form.

Do you have different prices for kids meals?
Yes. We offer kids meals for $18.95++per child and kids beverage packages for $8.00++ per child.

How many different entrées can I select?
Up to 3 different entrées may be selected for a plated meal. The same salad, sides and dessert are served to all guests with their selected entrée. Additionally, all guests must provide menu selections in advance and have a color-coded escort card to denote their selection.

How do I reserve a date?
Once Kahn’s Catering has received a signed contract and initial deposit, the date will be blocked for your event. We do not place tentative holds.

Can I order my wedding cake from you?
Yes. We have a licensed baker who makes custom wedding cakes. All dinner and special occasion packages can substitute a cake in place of the dessert at no additional cost.

If I bring in my own wedding cake, is there a cake cutting fee?
Yes. We charge $1.50 per person to cut and serve a wedding cake brought in from an outside baker. We also require a copy of the baker’s license.

Is there a fee for bartenders?
The only time there is a bartending fee is if you select a cash bar. The fee is $150.00 per bartender.

Do I order table linens from you?
Yes. We have extensive linen books from which you can make your selection. We also install, tear down and return all rented linen.

What is the deposit schedule?
A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is due with the signed contract to hold your event space and needs to be returned with the signed contract within 24 business hours. An additional deposit, totaling 50% of your estimated total is due 120 days prior to the event date. The remaining balance, based on your estimated total, is due five working days prior to the schedule date of your event. If the actual charges for your event exceed the Estimated Total, the difference will be payable at the conclusion of the event.